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We sell WORLD-WIDE, the bolt-on Rotator Propeller Reduction Drive Unit. Easy-to-ship package. Bolts Directly onto most GM auto/truck engines. Rated to 1,000 HP. We continue to expand our line of products to serve our customers' needs.

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The Rotator gearbox reduction drive unit is Quiet, Strong, Lightweight and Transfers engine horsepower very Efficiently to the Propeller. It is easily maintained and virtually trouble-free. The Rotator Gearbox fits GM, BOP, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Cadillac engine case bolt Patterns. No fabrication issues! Bolt-on and go! Weighs 70 Pounds.

Use with a WARP DRIVE Airboat propellers, and others too!

Available reduction ratios are 1.7, 2.37 and 2.68 to 1

Has SAE2/LXL Propeller Bolt Pattern

Cost is $2,850 USD, plus UPS shipping cost. CALL for quote and propeller suggestion!

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Why Use a Reduction Drive ?

This Rotator drive unit is a transmission that was designed for airboats which will attach to an automobile engine and the propeller. The reduction-geared drive unit allows the engine to achieve its maximum sustainable rpm's while turning the propeller at its normal rpm to increase thrust and reduce the noise levels, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Airboats can use reduction drive units to increase torque. By using a 2 to 1 ratio gear reduction for example, the auto engine will rev up to 5,200 RPM's while allowing the propeller to turn at 2,600 RPM's for more torque and greater power. With this reduction drive unit you will get the maximum torque transfer to turn your propeller. An engine with a geared reduction drive unit will swing a larger diameter propeller, a propeller with more blades, and with a greater angle of attack (more pitch). All of which generates more thrust per HP, that going "direct drive" from the crank shaft with a propeller.

A wider, larger diameter propeller turning lower RPM's will produce more thrust than a small propeller at high RPM's and far less noise. The key to quieter operation is  keep your tip speed close to but under .6 Mach at your cruise RPM.


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