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New Light-Weight Suzuki Hovercraft and Airboat Engines, G13 110 HP and G15 117 HP, All-Aluminum, All NEW parts. We continue to expand our line of Quality products to serve our customers' needs.

New Suzuki-Based Airboat and Hovercraft Engines
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We offer Suzuki-based Airboat and Hovercraft engines, ready to bolt-on and go, with the G13 100 HP version or the 117 HP G15 version, both are under 180 pounds dry installed! These engines are complete with a gearbox reduction drive for propeller mounting and built using a NEW Suzuki factory-fresh longblock and all new parts to make complete. Cost of G13 100 HP is $5,995 USD, plus shipping and G15 117 HP is $6,995 USD, plus shipping.

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Features and Accessories Included
All new engine components
Single overhead cam/No pushrods
4-Cylinders/4 valves per cylinder
Electronic Fuel Injection
Induction system
Ignition system
Knock Sensor
Cooling system hard parts
Exhaust system
2.588 to 1 reduction drive gearbox w/Prop Flange
Rotax 914 Prop bolt Pattern
Engine mount system

They just keep going!!
Using reasonable maintenance practices, care, oil changes using synthetic or synthetic-blend engine oil--YOU should realistically get 4,000 to 6,000+ hours of reliable operation from these engines before needing the engine overhauled. Suzuki makes a great engine!


Place your order with us with your paid $1,000 USD deposit for a complete engine package and we will pay your shipping cost to any address in the Lower 48 States in the USA !! Or receive a $200 USD credit toward International, Alaska or Hawaii shipping costs, Or receive a $200 credit if you choose to pickup your engine ! PLUS, receive a 25% OFF coupon for a New 3-Blade, 72" Warp Drive Airboat Propeller!

Watch this short YouTube Video of the G13 Airboat Engine running on dry ground!!



Or pay by Bank Wire Transfer World-Wide

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